January 17, 2012

Chain alteration

Have you gone to a store and found a fabulous jewelry... but there's just some things you want to eliminate and it would look even better? Well, I found a multiple gold chain necklace from Nordstrom Rack that I went few days ago.... (and I've been searching for a perfect mult. gold chain necklace for so long! It's a simple design but, gosh, such a hard thing to find....) Here's the picture of that gold necklace.

yes, with a GREAT discount. :)

This is the pre-altered (actually I already did it... but I tried putting together to look like pre-altered. lol)


So basically I just cut out the beaded threads to leave the chain parts only.  It's simple, but I think it'll go with almost any outfits this way.  I don't have a picture of me wearing this yet... but maybe some time....

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