February 10, 2012

Winter and nail polish

Winter and nail polish by didueatmycake
Winter and nail polish, a photo by didueatmycake on Flickr.
I haven't been uploading to my flickr account, so I decided to do it... last updated was like... 6mo ago? LOL I don't even know. I came across this one Japanese guy's photo blog one day and it inspired me to work on HDR again.. so here it is. Just so you know, I'm still an amateur at this, so sorry if it looks bad. Still working progress!

Behind the scene - I wanted to practice HDR.. but I'm mostly stuck at home, I won't be able to go outside while leaving my 1yr old son. (Plus, it was snowing hard, nearly blizzard) I came up with an idea to just open up the blind to shoot my backyard... but then I though that would be kind of boring, so I randomly aligned my nail polish (lol) just to give some additional touch to the photo. :P

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