March 22, 2012

Minimalist sandals

Greetings! After about couple months from the last update (lol) I finally decided to post something on my blog. So my newest finding is minimalist sandal..... When I purchase a footwear, I tend to get something eye-catchy or decorative.  I like something creative in everything.  But then, I found out lately that something simple can be as chic and fancy as decorative shoes and sandals.  It just all depends on how you wear them..... Here are some fancy minimalist sandals

So I purchased a thin strap sandal from Zara. It's absolutely adorable!  Yes, very simple, but that also means it's very versatile and it should be wearable in a long run.  The sandal is formed in simple 2 strings (almost) with high heel, and nothing else... Very minimalistic. lol  Obviously, simple design but I was quite surprised how hard it is to find something THIS simple. Even I found the heel with perfect height, they put something decorative on the strap... or straps were simply perfect, but the heels were too low, etc.... I try to be very careful to pick out shoes or clothes, making sure if it fits my figure because I am 5' tall petite with pear shaped figure.  All these 6' tall skinny models are most likely able to pull off any kinds of shoes, clothes, and accessories but it won't work with me.

Anyways, what I was looking for from this search was a heel that is simple enough to pull off to any outfits (from casual to formal).  I own a several gladiator sandals that I purchased from couple years ago but I wanted something thinner... something simpler design.  To be honest, ideally I wanted a wedge sole but couldn't find the ones I like (or even if I did, it was nearly or over my husband's paycheck) but feels like I've scored through this Zara sandal.  :)  I also preferred pin heel or stilettos over chunky ice berg heels.  I think stilettos are more elegant and stylish, where thicker heels are more leaning towards casual look (of course depending on the designs too).  Though, I admit the thicker heel shoes are a lot wearable/walkable because it decreases the chance for me to trip (because I am so clumsy lol).

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  1. Very nice sandals. Sophisticated and sexy.;)


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