May 14, 2012

Hot salmon

Good afternoon! It's very sunny here in Naperville IL! There was a time it hit near 80 degrees about a month ago, I thought IL skipped the spring and went right to summer, thinking I should start spring summer cleaning, bringing my down feather jacket to dry cleaning. But I was wrong.  Next week, followed by a sudden drop to 50 degrees, pulling out my down jacket again. 

Since then, Naperville has been steady with 50-60 degrees, and finally got back to average of 70.  I recently bought a Calvin Klein sandal that is super comfy for my feet, but I was never able to wear it because of the cold weather.  But not anymore, I happily pulled out my sandals to outside, enjoy playing bubbles with my 2 yr old son. 

hot salmon1

hot salmon2

hot salmon5hot salmon4hot salmon3
Denim shirt | F21 (similar) (or better in J.Crew!)
Sequin swing top | Japanese brand (similar in white)
Salmon colored jeans | Express (similar at Old Navy) (similar in J Brand)
Suede sandals | Calvin Klein
Arm candies | F21 (similar), DIY (the stone beads)
Rings | (gold ring) gift from my mom (alternative), (mint stone ring) F21(similar) (similar)

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