May 28, 2012

Memorial day weekend - safari-tribal

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying your memorial weekend! Props to my dad and my husband especially, for serving for the country.... They're both in the U.S. Marine Corps.  My dad went to Iraq couple of times, and since he was part of the recon (it's like special forces), he was often put to life threatening situations.  But thru God's protection, he is back safe and I thank God for that a lot! My husband hasn't been deployed yet, but I have to prepare myself emotionally and mentally, whenever that time comes.  Of course as his wife, I don't want him to go, but I just have to understand that that is what he has signed up for.  I'm surprised that many military friends I've talked to, said they would actually want to go to the middle east despite the danger they have to face.  I guess because I'm a woman, I might not understand this, but someone told me it's like being a fire fighter.  They have signed up to save people's lives, but what if they never get to go out in the fire rescuing people, and instead, suck in the office doing paperwork the whole time?  Or became a doctor but never get to save the patients' lives? Now I understand. lol  It's their duty to fulfill their mission.  I'm just praying that their hard works and service will lead to good of the world. 

Anyways! Back to the fashion talk.  So I wore this tribal romper that I got from F21 about a year ago.  It's very silky and comfortable to wear.  The only downside about wearing a romper is when you go to a bathroom... hahaha.  Nonetheless, this silky romper is comfortable enough to wear during the summer.  As a matter of fact, I like it more than wearing a pair of jeans! I wore it with a blazer to make it look put together since we're off to church that morning.

How did you guys spend your memorial weekend?  The day is almost over, but I hope you all have a great Monday!

Romper | F21 (old) (similar) (lusting over this one!)
Blazer | ASOS (similar) (similar under $30)
Purse | Kathy Van Zeeland (old) (similar)
Neon belt | Target (similar in Michael Kors)
Sunglasses | F21
Arm candies | Right arm - all from F21 (shown in here), Left - gold beads - F21, black/brown beads - DIY
Cheetah ring | H&M (similar)
Strappy sandal | Zara (similar - I love this one too!) (similar in gold)

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