May 19, 2012

mini-REVIEW of F21 & H&M accessories

TGIF! My husband got home early today that I got to go shopping for a couple of hours.  I haven't gotten shopping for the past month, I've been deprived from it.  I didn't get to take a good quality pic of my outfit, since it was at night, but I TRIED in my bathroom, the brightest place in my house.  On top of that, I've taken with point-and-shoot camera so the image quality isn't good either, so please excuse me for that.....

Khaki jacket | Japanese brand (similar in Rachel Roy , worn by Chriselle Lim)
Shirt | FANG (old)
Shorts | Target
Leopard loafer | Madden by Steve Madden
Necklace | H&M

Here are some stuff I bought from mall today...

Top (H&M): cheetah ring ($6.95), beaded bracelet ($4.95)
Bottom (F21): spiked bracelet ($6.80) (similar in ASOS), stud layer rings ($3.80), denim shirt ($22.80) (similar)

I've been looking for stud/spiked bracelet for a while and I finally found the affordable ones.  I have a super small wrist that I can't fit most of bangles that they sell, so I usually look for the one with elastic band, or adjustable metal.  These fits perfectly to my wrist and I'm satisfied with it. 

As for the basic chambray, I've been looking for that too.  I have a thin chambray shirt, but I was looking for more stirdy ones that can be worn as a outer layering.  I was thinking of getting the J.Crew ones, that I hear good reputations of, but this is a lot affordable for me, thus I got this one... I wore it at the store and I am satisfied with it.  Perfect fitting and all.

The rings are adorable too.  The cheetah one was quite my favorite from today's H&M finding (the main reason I went to H&M was to find that orange/leopard shorts.... but there wasn't any. :(  ) The cheetah is so bold that it'll definitely make a good statement ring. Here are some images:


the cat


... and the beaded bracelet. 

What do you think about them? I think it looks pretty nice for the price.  It may not be the best quality but if you're looking for fast trend items, those shops are to go. :)

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