May 23, 2012

REVIEW: Alexander Wang Kasia

Hi guys! Today, there were two items that I've been waiting for past few days.  Zara mint pencil skirt, and Alexander Wang Kasia sandals.  And they both finally arrived today! I was soo excited! I literally checked the front door for the UPS/FedEX guy to come, every hour!
Today, I'm gonna give a quick review on the AW Kasia.  (I choose not to do Zara today because it needs to be altered... I ordered size S (contemplated between XS or S, but knowing I have a bigger bottom, I chose S. I meansured myself everything, then chose according to what the sizing chart said, but still it was a bit too big on me.)) 

Story behind this is, I was looking for a decent brown sandal that isn't too casual, nor too dressy.  I browsed thru various online stores, shopstyles, etc, and seems like AW Kasia fit the most.  The first time I saw Kasia, it was selling it for $555. That's waaaay over the budget for me. lol But, I found the outnet store, selling it for the discount price of $250.  Still pricy for shoes for me, but I though it's a lot worth it.  Plus, if I ordered and didn't like it, I can always return it.  I decided to make a purchase to give it a try.  Honestly, I don't think I've ever invested this much of money onto shoes.  This is the first time I own the brand name shoes. 

The Box:

Came with this fancy black box that's about 6lb... I thought it was kind of heavy for just a pair of sandals, but it's just a box.  It also came with black shoe bag.  How nice. Never gotten shoe bag from any past shoes that I've purchased. Maybe because it's the brand name shoes. lol Comes with total care.

The Shoes: 

It's a brown leather, size 5. Now, I originally wanted to purchase size 6 but it was already sold out. The site says it comes in true to size, so I was a bit worried when I'm about to order size 5. (I usually wear size 5.5-6) So I was expecting that it's going to be a bit small (or just perfect) to my feet and it was just perfect! I have irregularly long index toe (is that what it's called?) and usually that toe exceeds the shoes.. but that toe still fits "inside" which I was glad.

If I must say, it is a bit tight around the first strap (nearest to my toes) but middle and ankle straps are perfect.  As you can see above, the ankle strap is in velcro.  That kinda surprised me, yet it's very easy to put the strap on so that's a plus for me.

As for comfortability, Even though it's a high heel with basically no platform, it has pretty good cushions. I walked around the house for a bit to break in, but it was quite comfortable. I was satisfied about that, for no-platform sandal. 

Verdict: Keeper.  Like I mentioned earlier, I was looking for a not-too-casual, not-too-formal, basically, the versatile sandals.  This is the perfect shoes and worth paying $255 for it.  (I mean, I paid that much, so it better be! Or I will be very dissapointed!) 

Extra: I mentioned earlier that the first strap was a bit too tight on me... and thanks to the leather shoes, it means it has a chance to expand over time. Since I can't wait that long (I mean, I would like to wear it over the summer, and I don't want to have blisters everytime I try to break in!) I decided to stretch out using the icing method.  (Michelle Phan shows the tutorial for this.) So here it is. Trying to ice it right now.  I can already imagine when my husband comes back home from work, open the fridge and be like, "WTF??" hahaha.

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Interested in purchasing it? THE OUTNET

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