June 25, 2012

Alterations needed!

If you are a petite, you probably need some type of alterations in your piece of clothing. Same with me. Being a 5' tall female, majority of my skirt, dress, and pants need to get hemmed to proportionally fit. Random fact: I am such a night owl that I tend to do random things in the middle of the night. I was even running on my treadmill at 3am the other day because I couldn't sleep. This time, I decided to fix up some of my clothing so I can actually wear them w/out looking funky or short-legged. I fixed 2 clothing that night, and one of the fabulous fix was this Ann Taylor giraffe shirt. It was literally up to my mid-calf and unflattering. It made my legs look lije they were only 5" tall. So I did bit of chomp-chomp, then walla! Perfect flowy A-line skirt! I "test-drove" it with my new BCBG toggle belt. (^∇^)

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