June 7, 2012

And neon again.

So my neon color obsession still continues.  I think it's perfect color for this year's trend and it basically matches with (almost) any outfit.  Now that it's getting hotter, I'm considering of getting neon denim jacket from Topshop.  I've seen some blogger owns it and I think it's very useful in a long run.  Okinawa, the place I am from is super humid and you can basically go outside with tank top, shorts, and flip flops even at night.  But in some area, like California, since the air is more dry compared to Okinawa, so the weather cools off drastically at night, even though it's super hot during the day time.  That's one reason why I couldn't really put away jacekts and some winter clothes because some night, it'll go down to 40-50s as far as I remember.  Anyways, I think the Topshop denim jacket is useful even for that chilly night when I need a little "cover" around my arm.  The one I'm wearing here is a bit too thick for the weather now.  I need to transition from spring to summer clothings.

Structured blazer | Zara (similar) (Topshop version)
Top | H&M (similar)
Shorts | H&M (similar in J.Crew)
Belt | Target (similar)
Strappy sandals | Zara (similar)
Arm candies | (my right) all F21, (left) Banana Republic (similar)
Sunglasses | Target (similar)


  1. You look amazing, and congrats on the new blog, I'm follow it :).

  2. I love that Zara jacket!! Neon is so big this season!!

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