June 14, 2012

Floral & leopard combo, part 2

I've previously shown floral x leopard combo in this post, and since that obsessioin still continues, I decided to bring out another one.  This time, the leopard is bit toned down since I'm wearing it on my feet, instead of around my hips (aka skirt).  This shorts from H&M adds a bit jungle touch to it, that I think combining it with a leopard seems quite matching, don't you think?  I used to wear flip flops all the time, back in the day when I cared less (well, I did care a bit... but not as much as now) what I wore, as long as they are comfortable.  Now, I try to match up with the most coolest, cutest piece I could think of.  Yet, I still don't want to ignore that "comfortability" of the outfit, since I'm such an impatient person, I guest frustrated when I get a blister because I wore heels to a shopping mall, or throwing a gesture of pulling my skirt down because I feel like it's too short.  But for this outfit, it's all about comfortability and looking chic.  I'm definitely loving this flowy H&M shorts, and my Steve Madden leopard loafer.  It's so comfortable that I wear them when I go shopping at a mall, all the time!

What is your staple "comfortable, yet chic" piece?

Top | F21
Shorts | H&M (similar one for $15!) (very cute romper version!)
Loafers | Steve Madden (similar)
Clutch | F21 (better one!)
Necklace | Aldo (similar)
Arm candies | all from F21
(Reprica) Prada sunglasses | got it from Amazon (the REAL DEAL!)


  1. Those shorts are really cute, love the pattern.

  2. in love with those glasses. might have to pick up a pair myself.

    amen fashion xo.

  3. great blog! and love the glasses, just followed hope you can follow back:

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  4. amazzzing sunglasses! Lovelove them xx


  5. you have officially convinced me to purchase those sunglasses! i love your look, you are so cute! :D




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