June 9, 2012


Hi guys! Just a quick post! Has anyone heard of POSHMARK? It's like an online wardrobe store where you get to sell your unneeded accessories, clothes, and shoes.  It's basically like other website where it lets you sell your used clothes, but this is on iphone app. (They're in making of android version at the moment.)  I've seen some people already selling their clothes. You can also negotiate or bundle the items to make
shippings easier.  I think it's a lot flexible and easier than ebay or craigslist. It's a free app so install it on your phone and try out! If you feel it's too much hassel to bring your clothes to a consignment store, host a garage sale, or post your items on ebay/craigslist, I think this app will make selling your wardrobe easy for you. :)

Another thing, if you installed it and about to register, enter HBODC as invite code, and you will get $5 credit on your account! :) (Only applies to first 10 people!) So don't forget to do that too!

I've posted couple items already, but I still got tons of stuff to get rid of... I will post bit by bit later in the future.  If anyone has tried it, or already has an account, let me know how it went! I'm very interested to hear your experience! :)

Have a great weekend!

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