June 19, 2012


I'm sorry I'm not updating often enough.. :(  I have been sitting all week, posting pictures for Poshmark, going out with friends, and all that sort.  Basically I don't have a time to post my outfit or just simply update my blog. I apologize for that!

So I've mentioned before about Poshmark.... has anyone tried it yet? I think it's a great way to quickly post a pic of unwanted clothing pieces on to your iphone and post it on poshmark.  It's super easy, don't worry about shipping, all you gotta do is post pic, sell, once you sold it, pack it and bring it to a post office (or your mail box).  I think it's much simpler than posting it on ebay! 

Anyways, I've just scored $15 brand new converse! Those costs about $55 I think, and I just got it for $15... brand new. Isn't it awesome?  :D

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