July 11, 2012

Neon yellow meets lilac

I've been eyeying on the pastel colors lately. Few years ago, I never thought of wearing pastel colors.. ever.  I thought the colors would not suit my skin color, since I have a strong olive skin color, and it would clash the pastel with olive... I thought the color would make my skin look unhealthy.  However, I think I've managed to wear the pastels this time.  I got this lovely ASOS lilac pumps the other day, but I still had to figure out what to wear them with.  I think I've seen some posts on pinterest and other blogs that neon and pastel match.  Thus, I decided to try this combination.  I've learned to pull off pastel colors by wearing them with other colors/patters that would distract the pastel.  Instead, the pastel will be positioned, not main, but complimentary of other clothing pieces.  What do you guys think? :)


Top | H&M (similar) (similar) (similar)
Neon jacket | Topshop (Moto)
Skirt | H&M
Pumps | ASOS (similar under $20) (similar) (similar)
Necklace | Forever21 (similar - cool design!)
Purse | XOXO (old)
Arm candy | (right) Banana Republic gold bracelet (similar), Forever21, (left) H&M

1 comment:

  1. Those pumps lilac pumps and that neon yellow jacket combo are fierce girl. Work it!

    Follow blog please I would really appreciate it this way we can keep commenting each other



Thanks for your comment! I may not reply back as often but I do read every single comments! haha xoxo


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