July 10, 2012

Would you let your bra peek through?

...What do you guys think? I have seen celebrities and bloggers letting their bra see through their sheer shirts.  Do you think you are daring enough to try this style? Or do you think it looks too trashy?

I personally would like to try this style, maybe because there are girls (including myself) wear shirt over bikini, why not a bra? Yes, I know bra is undergarment but if it looks appropriate and has enough coverage to make it look unslutty sexy, then I would say, why not?  And if bra is making you uncomfortable, maybe bralette or bustier might work.  Some are long enough to cover the mid abdominal, which might help you think like it's not a bra, but short camisole or something.

If you gotta try it out, I think you should bare in mind with few things:
1) Wear it with confidence. Make it look intentional and not an "accident"
2)  Don't just pick any bra. Think of material and color.

What do you guys think? Would you try it?

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