November 24, 2012

Is your fashion sense destroying your pulling potential?

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We're all guilty of making fashion faux pas from time to time. But aside from making us look a bit silly in photographs or in front of our friends, could our fashion disasters be responsible for dating failure?
According to a recent survey conducted by online fashion retailer, 3 out of 5 women have committed an unintentional fashion faux pas at some point in their lives, and a third of women believe that the worst place to have a fashion disaster is at a wedding. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that the ensemble you wear to a wedding will live on indefinitely in the memory of all the guests - not to mention the photo albums!
However, just over 1 in 10 respondents think that a first date is the worst time to commit a fashion crime, and even fewer women think the worst occasion would be meeting the in-laws or at a work party. So, if we're least concerned about looking silly on first dates or in front of our in-laws or work colleagues, what does that do to our pulling potential?
According to an eHarmony poll, over a third of married people surveyed between 2005 and 2010 met at work or at school. That means that your future spouse could be sitting just a couple of desks away from you, but you might not get the chance to chat until the work party gives you the opportunity to let your hair down. How many girls might have missed out on the man of their dreams because they came out of the ladies' with their gorgeous party dresses tucked into their knickers?
First impressions are important, so when it comes to first dates and meeting the parents, isn't it crucial to avoid fashion faux pas? For example, turning up for dinner with his parents in an inappropriately short skirt might just set a tone of disapproval that lasts throughout the relationship.
Then again, fashion sense isn't everything. According to Very's survey, only 1 out of 10 respondents would completely discount dating someone with poor fashion sense, while the vast majority said that it depends on the person. So, if you find yourself on a first date with someone you really like and suddenly realise that you made a big mistake in choosing your outfit, just relax. If you let your date see that beneath the double denim you have a great personality, then your pulling potential shouldn't be affected at all.
So, it seems it really does all comes down to that old chestnut: just be yourself.

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