November 21, 2012

OOTD: black bow top with leopard denim

So I just got back from Japan, like couple of weeks ago and I'm definitely not used to the Chicago weather yet!  Okinawa, the place I went, was average of 75-72 degrees, with humidity.  I was practically walking around outside, day and night with shorts and sandals.  Here in Chicago you can't do that anymore because now the average temperature is 40 degrees or less.  My mind is still in "shorts and sandal"... now I have to switch them to "coats and boots".  Thank God it's a bit warmer now a days with 50 degrees or so. 

Just got this L.A.M.B. wine colored heels the other day.  Sooo cute... Perfect colors for the fall (or already winter in Chicago).  It's my new obsession. I have to practice walking around with heels a lot more now. lol

Oh, and yes, I got a haircut too! My mom cut my hair and gave me this cute pixie cut. Never tried this short before, but I personally love it!  It's been so hard to find a hair style that suits my face, because I have a distinct square face...  Kind of worried about matching my clothes that I already own but realized it can basically go with any outfits I own.

simple leopard4

simple leopard2

simple leopard1

Top | Got it from Japan
Leopard denim | Forever 21 (Splurge) (Under $100)
Shoes | L.A.M.B. (In black)
Watch | Michael Kors
Ring | H&M
Bracelet | Gift from Israel


  1. You look super stylish - love the leopard print jeans and heels!


Thanks for your comment! I may not reply back as often but I do read every single comments! haha xoxo


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